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Outstanding design made by small manufactories from all around the world.
Find your favourite item, and go local shopping. Support a very small, design company and discover their very great products!

Bartmann Berlin.

Berlin, Germany.


"This product is clear and uncomplicated in its language of forms as well as robust and solid in its design. Made of oak veneered moulded wooden shells and massive oak it becomes a resistant classic (...)"


Local Manufactory: eco-friendly, minimalistic, functional design, customize

Stühle von Bartmann Berlin

Weltkarte von Sandpipery


Berlin, Germany.


"Discover the world - everyday; according to the motto: Sweep into the distance everyday. With our classy and high-quality map made of cork you can design your world as you like.  (...)"


Local Manufactory: travel lovers, customize, made in Germany, self-adhesive


Freyung, Germany.


"LOKKS is a new unconventional storage furniture, which allows hanging and discret packing in a single product. It is meant to be a ladder-shelf, wardrobe or a low lean-to cloakroom. (...)"


Local Manufactory: minimalistic, functional design

 Kommode von kommod

Lampe von Schneid.


Lübeck, Germany.


"Eikon Circus is the latest addition to the Eikon family and of all versions it has the strongest association to the classic industrial light. Eikon Circus is an ideal go-between the different shapes of the Eikon Basic and Eikon Shell, (...)"


Local Manufactory: customize, handmade in Germany

OK design.

Copenhagen, Denmark.


"A subtle combination of a metal frame, an ash-veneered lid and a natural willow basket, defines the wicker bench. The lid opens up like a picnic basket and the basket functions as a storage space. (...)"


Local Manufactory: Craftsmanship, traditional scandinavian design

 Bank von OK design

Tisch und Stühle von Skagerak


Aalborg, Denmark.


"An embracing and comfortable armchair designed to generate happy moments around the dining table. It carries a light expression; cut to the bone and highlighted by few subtle details (...)"


Local Manufactory: family-owned company, eco-friendly, functional design

Caroline Kaszak.

Leynhac, France.


"The assembly is entirely done by hand in our workshop in France. We work with recycled wood to which we give a second wind. We imagine each patina given to each wooden slat. (...)"


Local Manufactory: eco-friendly, handmade, great price, recycled, unique

 Wandbild von Caroline Kaszak

furniture design by Oitenta


A Coruña, Spain.


"Modern styled with a natural finishing plant stand made of solid wood, designed to be simple and strong, yet light and beautiful. Four legs to highlight your indoor plant pots and bring green life to your home  (...)"


Local Manufactory: eco-friendly, functional design

George & Willy.

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.


"Things happen when you write them down - Created in proportion with intimate spaces—your office, bedroom or kitchen—the small wall mounted paper roller focuses on personal productivity and organisation. (...)"


Local Manufactory: eco-friendly, minimalistic, functional design

 Dekoration und Pinnwand von George & Willy

Lampe von MasterwoodUA


Kiew, Ukraine.


"A wooden lamp designed for retro EDISON light bulbs.The lamp in the shape of a rhombus is made by hand from natural wood,polished and coated with Danish oil.Natural Oak. (...)"


Local Manufactory: handmade, eco-friendly, great price


Maribor, Slovenia.


"Fly as high as you want and catch the wind in your hair. Nautic wooden swing is a fun activity for children and great getaway for adults. Release everyday stress and worries on the handmade wallnut wooden swing.  (...)"


Local Manufactory: Handmade, eco-friendly, customize, fun

 Schaukel von StudioTusi


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